is a scam website that is not to be trusted. Onlineclasshelp.comis ran by the same owners of, and  is a scam, and should be avoided at all costs.  Sites like we take your class are scams and should be reviewed carefully so nobody falls for the trap of being extorted.

If you googled onlineclasshelp reviews, this is the site you want to be at to make sure you are not being scammed by this company.  Due to the fact they run under three different names, its very hard to tell if we take your class scammed you or not unless you read this review site to make sure you are okay.

We’d like to also talk in detail about how is operating and committing this fraud

The website will have you call in on the telephone ,and claim they are US based, in reality they are not.  What happens next is you are asked to send your syllabus to them for review.  Once they have this, they take note of your name/email address/ and professors email address. Now here is the kicker, after they get your professors email, they can extort you.  Now, how can they keep doing this and sustain?  Its because there scam is ran under 3 different names (,

We urge you to please make sure you read this blog before hiring anyone for online class help.