Signs of Bad Company

  • Its very important to know if an online class cheating site is going to rip you off. A good way to tell is making sure they are only operating under one brand.  In this industry, if you are not using , or NoNeedToStudy (which is not recommended at this current time due to some unresolved complaints) you may be getting scammed.
  • Companies that talk about about other companies are for surely going to be your #1 indicator of a scam.  For instance, if you go right to OnlineClassHelpers, or WeTakeYourClass, the first thing they do is bash boostmygrades in there welcome message on there live chat.  Its very hard to believe someone would want to do business with someone bashing another company.
  • We are looking at specific websites such as (,, and all owned and operated by the same individual. In economics and business this is Price gouging and is very unethical as it can cause a student to pay more than another who uses one of there different brands.
  • More to come….